Information For Service Users


Providing You With Support

Helping Private Service Users and Healthcare Providers Hire Expert Carers

Before you hire a healthcare professional or carer, or you approach Genesis Healthcare Recruitment to hire that person on your behalf, it’s only natural that you have questions.

So that you have a better idea of how we work and who we work with, we’ve provided the following information.

Who We Work With

Genesis Healthcare Recruitment will find carers and registered nurses for any organisation or private individuals in need of dedicated, helpful professionals. Whether you’re representing a large care home, or you’re an individual in need of assistance, we’ll take the time to discuss your needs and requirements, help you with any relevant assessments, and place a suitable candidate.

We work with:

  • NHS Trusts and Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes and Care Homes
  • Social Services
  • Families (Healthcare for the elderly, disabled children or disabled adults)
  • Individuals Needing Care (Domiciliary care on a daily or hourly basis, live-in carers)
  • Injured and Disabled Ex-Service Personnel

Selecting the Right Candidates for Your Job

We take your needs seriously. That means that when you approach Genesis for assistance with selecting and placing a candidate, we’ll work tirelessly to make sure that the carer we place is the right person for your specific needs.

This all depends on communication, so it’s important that you contact us for a consultation before we start the hiring process. We’ll discuss your budget or funding, and the tasks that you’ll require your new healthcare professional to perform. That way, we can look through our list of potential candidates to find the person with the right background, qualification and personality for your job.

All of our candidates will follow our rules:

  • We provide high quality and affordable healthcare
  • We respect our service users and treat them with dignity
  • We respect privacy and confidentiality at all times
  • We ensure that service users and candidates are never discriminated against due to race, religion, culture or gender
  • We document all care provided and observe all data protection laws
  • We comply with every health and safety law to safeguard our service users

If you have any particular needs or requirements, please don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to make sure that we find the correct candidate for your placement. We won’t rest until you or your patients have the highest possible levels of care.

For more information or a no-obligation discussion, contact our team today.